Customer Reviews


July 2014
Jennifer M.

Installed gutters on our two-story house and detached garage.
They did a great job and we are pleased with the work. We'd recommend them to anyone for gutters. They listened to what we wanted and gave us exactly that.


May 2014
John W.

Remove rot and reenforced the door frame.
Repair man was punctual did a very good job.
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August 2014
Nicola H.

Replaced 3 rubber pipe collars on roof. Treated moldy patch on ceiling where roof leaked, painted stained area. Excellent service. Responded quickly when contacted and completed job promptly. Well priced.


April 2014
Bobbi B.

Removed existing gutters. Installed new gutters.
Quick response. Good communication. Reasonable price. Thorough, quick work. Nice clean-up. Good job and handled a few "extra" items that presented themselves, during installation, to insure gutters were installed properly. Would definitely call again.


October 2013
Matthew R.

Installed new seamless gutters and downspouts.
They were incredibly friendly, responsive, and quick to get the job done. The whole house (average sized ranch home) was done in under three hours and that included removal of old gutters....It's been several months and everything is working well and I am a very satisfied customer. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing new gutters. Thanks to them for a job well done!

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December 2014
Jason B.

Everything went perfect! I was actually scheduled for Tuesday 11/18 which was fine but I mentioned [to Scooter] that I had some time off from 11/12-11/14 if he had any openings come up. Sure enough [Scooter] called me that Friday 11/14 first thing in the morning asking if I would be home at 10:30. I told told him yes I would and he was there right on time...I would recommend him to anyone.


January 2014
Susan M.

Carolina Roofing & Gutters installed gutters around my house. They were fantastic... very pleasant, prompt, the cost was outstanding and they made sure their area was nice and clean when they left.


April 2014
Connie S.

Painted, changed locks, repaired damages, power washed and cleaned a rental house. Carolina Roofing began the job when scheduled. The work was completed within a week...If I saw an area that needed extra coverage, it was completed without additional cost. The owner and employees were polite and well mannered.


June 2014
Candace M.

I had a small roof leak that required repair. After many outragous estimates and a few companies telling me I needed a whole new roof I called Carolina Roofing and spoke to "Scooter." He came out to my house promptly to see about my roof issue. He told me I did not need a new roof!!...He quoted me $300 and had no issue with using my home warranty to receive payment. Scooter was able to come back out and do the repair with no problem!!! ...while he was giving me the estimate he noticed a huge black snake in my yard !!! He quickly got the snake and tossed it into the woods!! Thank you Scooter and thank you for the wonderful service !!

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