Customer Reviews - 2015


December 2015
Richard K.

Having reached out to several Angie's list contractors, I decided to have Carolina Roofing and Gutters do the work. We were not disappointed. Scooter King (owner) and crew are hard working professionals. Scooter was meticulous with details and doing the job correctly. Having the owner on site and working attests to the quality and commitment of a motivated small business owner. Totally satisfied with all the completed work and will use again for future construction projects. Without hesitation I would recommend this company.


November 2015
Heather D.

Sadly, we had just purchased our house not 2 months prior when we discovered there were 2 leaks in our roof (whoever did the roof previous to our ownership did a very bad job)...Scooter was the only person to call me back immediately, and came over 10 minutes later to look over the area. He quoted me between $425-$450 for the repairs.

Unfortunately it continued to rain for the next 4 days afterwards...They came over a week after his inspection of the area and the work was done in 3 hours. They even replaced the bottom wood siding on the chimney (where the really bad leak was) and painted it to match. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone needing a roofer, and they are in my book now of who to call if I ever need anything else done.


March 2015
Christy H.

We were satisfied that Scooter chose the right solution for the problem. He took extra time to really evaluate the situation before giving us an estimate. He did a great job and we'll definitely select him again for future work.

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December 2015
Olga S.

We just moved into a new house, and noticed a roof leak in the garage a month after the move. Due to heavy rains the leak was increasing while we were looking for someone to help us. We contacted Carolina Roofing and Gutters early in the week, and at the end of the week the job was already done. It was a wonderful present for Christmas to have that fixed! Highly recommend!


November 2015
Rodney D.

They came on a Thursday and did the prep work on the roof. Then they came the next day and completed the job. They were prompt and proficient. I liked the way that they applied the metal with attention to detail, and the placing of the fasteners in a uniform orderly manner. The clean up was good also.

The provider was informative and responsive to my concerns, as the job progressed. I liked the fact that the provider came in a timely manner, to my initial inquiry. They also came back when I had a concern on a minor issue.


September 2015
Robert W.

Scooter is an excellent contractor and has become one we will use in the future! His workmanship is excellent, he is very responsive and available whenever needed...conscientious and concerned about the homeowner's needs and desires, manages his work crew very well, and has reasonable prices for his services. We look forward to future projects with Scooter at the helm!


July 2015
Jennifer B.

Great work.
A little trouble coordinating time but otherwise nice folks!

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